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Adora Tulum 212

$116,072 USD
$1,950,000 MXN
1/8 ownership - Up to 6 weeks a year
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2 Beds
1,431 ft²
2 Baths
6 Weeks of exclusive use every year
2 Beds
2 Baths
1,431 ft²
6 Weeks of exclusive use every year

Immerse yourself in the refined charm of Adora, a dream residence located in the heart of Tulum, where sophistication merges with nature in perfect harmony. Explore an oasis of endless possibilities, where every detail has been meticulously designed to offer an unparalleled living experience. From the impressive temazcal to the organic saltwater pool and the underground water passage, Adora invites you to connect with the energy of the surroundi... Show More

Beach club
Best location
Common parking
Common pool
Controlled access
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Adora Tulum 212

Estimated monthly expenses
ownership: 1/8
Per month combined total expenses:
$420 USD
1/8 ownership / 6~ Weeks a year
*Ancana owners share home expenses. Expenses are passed along monthly at cost - no surprise fees or hidden costs
How we priced this 1/8 share

$116,072 USD per share

$1,950,000 MXN
Purchase price
$1,511,971 MXN
Ancana service fee
Financing, vetting co-owners, administrative.
$292,500 MXN
Closing and legal costs
Legal and notarial.
$116,411 MXN
Home upgrades & improvements
Furnishing, design upgrades, & maintenance.
$29,118 MXN
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